“Thanks once again for blessing West Michigan with iQuad’s presence at the Grand Haven Kite Festival.  I saw your demonstrations late afternoon on Friday and all day Saturday.  I wanted more than anything to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your team over the past year via your website and videos posted on YouTube.  If you remember, I wrote you after last year’s Michigan festival (which, by the way, I was so excited that you used my email on your website.  I immediately screamed the first time I saw it and yelled for my family to come see it.  Thank you!) that 2007 was the first year I’d been to a kite festival.”

“Flying is amazing.  As long as the winds are right, I can lose absolute track of time.  Once last year, I passed nearly 4 hours in what seemed just a few minutes.  It’s so hard to put into words what I feel when I’m flying.  And now that I FINALLY have my own kite, it’s even more awesome!”

Alicia B

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