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During 2006-2008, iQuad operated with a rotating panel of excellent fliers from all over the country including Oregon, Washington, Illinois and Florida in an effort to promote and spread the joys of Rev team flying in as many areas as possible… With a few years behind them now, many of our former teammates have now gone on to start or be involved in teams of their own while Team iQuad has slimmed down to a core NW roster with one alternate in California.

Previous members:

  • Todd Rudolph
  • Egan Davis
  • Justin Redington
  • Cal Yuen
  • Carl Bragiel
  • Adrian Flanagan
  • Mike Kory
  • Jay Nunes
  • Nick Stephenson

We’ve also had a variety of all star fill-ins at various events over the years including Lam Hoac, Zach Gordon, Scott Weider, Jim Cosca, Seb Clarke and others.

Among the other Rev teams created or trained by iQuad’s regular roster members, both past and current:

  • 180GO!
  • Rev Riders
  • Island Quad

We’re proud to see these teams innovating and flourishing, each with their own distinct styles and maneuvers.

The members of iQuad have always been drawn together with common attributes – having a great time flying, performing, sharing and teaching, making a deeper understanding and enjoyment of Revolution flying (especially team activities) available to anyone who has an interest.

Often leading or participating in mega flies and providing Rev Clinics (instructional workshops) at events all over the country have not only allowed us to further these goals, but it’s also provided the opportunity for us to make a great many friends worldwide along the way!

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