Ben Dantonio – San Diego, CA USA

Ben DantonioA long time kite enthusiast, Ben enjoyed dual line, single line and quad line kites for many years before becoming officially involved on the Rev scene but in 2005-2006, he stepped into the role of General Manager at Revolution Kites and it’s never been the same since.

Although he’s usually found on the learn to fly (demo) field, on short lines in front of a crowd or out massaging the sky in his own little corner of the beach somewhere with his ear phones on full blast, Ben is a fully capable Rev pilot and does occasionally step in to fly with iQuad or in the mega flies when we’re in need of another body… In most cases, he can be found parked in the best possible (or most obvious) spot during the team’s performances, taking it all in like a proud papa.

Indeed – Ben has been a key part of the iQuad family since it’s inception, through the birth of the B-Series, across the country and abroad on our festival trips… To date, although he hasn’t been an active member of the performing (on-field) team, Ben has been right alongside iQuad for nearly 3/4 of the team’s travels since we started in 2006.

As the GM at Revolution, Ben not only shares responsibility for the B-Series coming into existence, but was the creative force behind the fruition of countless other leaps on the Rev scene including the Masterpiece Series of Revs, and of course – Race Rods which are treasured the world over… His gruff exterior is every bit a true part of him, but inside is a heart of gold that treasures his kiting family and just loves to share the skies with folks all over the world.