Singapore iQuad Clinic

September 16-18, 2011 – Punggol Field, Singapore


This event will be focused on addressing individual and team dual line skills at all levels AS WELL AS individual, pairs and team Rev (quad) techniques for NOVICE, INTERMEDIATE and MASTER level pilots, led by multiple-time national dual and quad line champion John Barresi, with full participation and instruction from his teammates on Team iQuad.

While the obvious focus is on the Kymera and Revolutions for their superior flight characteristics and durability, Instruction will happily be provided to anyone with a kite that has the essential quad line flight characteristics such as hovering, reverse, forward and sideways flight.

The very nature of Rev flying, both individually and as a team is fun, relaxed and very forgiving, so if you’re even the least bit curious, this is a premier opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and prolific Rev pilots in the world.


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What is included in my registration?

Your registration will include unlimited access to any of the workshop sessions and instruction on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

How much is registration?

$79 USD before June 15th (approx 100 SG dollars)
$95 USD after June 15th (approx 120 SG dollars)

** All proceeds will be used to subsidize team expenses for the Singapore/Malaysia tour.

** Also note, VERY IMPORTANT! We will welcome any *original* quad designs (Rev, Airbow, Spirit, etc, etc) and will do our best to help you, but we will not accept students with copy kites.  Even copies of the Rev shape (which is trademarked) will be disallowed, not only graphics.

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What Should I Bring?

Clothing & Food:

We recommend each participant come prepared with basic rain gear… Even in the event of inclement weather, those who are comfortable should be prepared to enjoy flying, fun and hijinks, unless the conditions turn absolutely sour, in which case we will do our best to move the activities indoors for discussion and simulator training.

Also, be sure to pack a lunch, water and sun block! The natural flow of our workshops allow for people to relax and have downtime as people cycle through the learning process… While we won’t be taking an official lunch break, you will find plenty of time to breathe, eat and enjoy your day on the beach with other kite fliers.


For the quad line individual skills, any Revolution or similarly capable quad line kite is acceptable, the Kymera is preferred for dual line instruction in suitable winds… Any quality or length of lines, although spectra lines are recommended.

For team skills, a Revolution 1.5 of any model (EXP, SLE, B-Series, etc) is required, along with a 120′ set of 90lb spectra quad lines, which is generally the accepted international standard for Rev team flying.

While there will be a limited amount of communal equipment available during the workshop, it would be beneficial to come equipped with 2, 3 and 4 wrap frames, as well as both standard and vented sails to take full advantage of any wind conditions that might come arise.

One of our SIC sponsors, LayangMan will be on hand with kites, lines and parts for those who need to purchase anything.



All outdoor portions of SIC will be held at Punggol Field… While this will be the first time we’ve flown at this location as a team, we understand it’s a popular flying site and feel it makes the ideal place to teach skills local fliers will use on a regular basis.

Punggol Field

For more location information, please contact Patrick Tan @ LayangMan.