2008 WCRC (feedback)

Excerpted attendee feedback from our 2008 West Coast Rev Clinic:

Instructors and participants knowledgeable about revs and happy to share information.  Instructors were always positive and helpful.  Participants were also positive and helpful.  The benefit of participants helping you with a problem is it gives you a different perspective and you realize you are not the only one having problems.  I shared some of my ideas on how I do something or an ahh-haa moment for me and it helped someone, this gave me a sense of satisfaction which also added to my positive experience.

Both groups were also very patient with others that did not have very much experience.  This is very important especially when you are taking up someone else’s flying time because you (I) crashed or knotted up the group during team flying.  It takes a cooperative and patient group to struggle through these times.  I believe the instructors laid back attitude and “no troubles” philosophy also spilled over to the other flyers.

Team Flying.  Everyone was very laid back and didn’t exclude anyone from team flying no matter their skill level.  We were invited into groups – this is extremely important aspect.  Many people do not feel comfortable approaching others, asking to join and it asking becomes more difficult as you watch others doing well and you do not believe you can do as well or you may “mess” them up.  When a group asks you to join and you explain to them you might screw things up and they still encourage you to join it really makes you feel welcome and less afraid.

Synergy.  Nothing like having a bunch of positive people having fun with one goal in mind.

I like small group instruction.  We liked it when you broke us up into smaller skill groups.  It was nice to have the instructors help us on our personal areas of trouble in small groups.  The actual breaking up into the smaller groups was a little confusing and disorganized.  We did not know which group to goto and when we got there some people looked like they were uncomfortable asking questions or participating.  I really do not have an idea/solution for this but is was just an observation.

All in all we believe this was  a very successful clinic.  I think the main thing we would like to see changed is a little more structure.  Would we participate in another clinic even if it had no changes?  Heck yea.  This was an excellent time for my daughter and I to bond doing something we enjoy.  We came away with new skills, friends, and refined some old skills and rekindled old friendships.

We hope you and Iquad have continued success.  And look forward to future clinics.

Please tell all the Iquad members thanks for their help and enthusiasm.


Since 2008, we have made a number of improvements to our clinic structure so that we’re able to work on smaller focus groups and get more personalized instruction for each student… In addition, the average base of team flying skill has increased so much that there are even more opportunities for newer fliers to find a group they are comfortable learning with, and all the mini-teams are genuinely patient and interested in making the environment as favorable to growth and comfort and possible.

Stay tuned for news on upcoming clinics, both in Long Beach and elsewhere!

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