Bazzer Poulter – Lakewood, WA USA

Okay, let's fly!Before becoming a full time kite builder, Bazzer attended Art College and Theatre Design College where he specialized in rigging, set and lighting design, skills which served him well in that industry for several years.

Since moving to the USA from England, he quickly earned a reputation as one of the finest kite makers around, winning several awards in AKA National Kite Making Competition and producing a limited number of his unique single line creations under his company name (Glued to the Blue).

Joining iQuad in 2007, Bazzer quickly earned a core slot on the team… In addition to his team duties on iQuad, Bazzer co-designed the Zen for Revolution along with John Barresi, and manufactures all Pro models for Revolution Kites, making him one of the most prolific masterpiece designers in the world.