Steve de Rooy – Victoria, BC Canada

Steve de RooySteve has been involved in all aspects of kite flying for well over twenty years, over half of that with Revolution kites. He’s also spent a number of years in the power kite flying arena – kite buggying, kite surfing and mountain boarding. If there were any other avenues of kiting that Steve COULD be involved in, rest assured, we would see him out there doing it.

From the very beginning of this addicting sport, Steve was involved in single line and dual-line kites. Now, back in full force and flying Rev kites, Steve has joined the International quad-line team, iQuad. With iQuad, his enjoyment primarily comes from watching new fliers come out and try this wonderful sport. Steve has only competed once during his kiting career and decided early on that rather than compete, the enjoyment he gets from flying Rev kites was more, “what more can I do with my kite?”, and no concern for “points”.

The adrenaline rush of a ‘Cirque du Soleil’ approach to kite flying is what makes this sport truly challenging (and fun!). Steve is one of the very few people who can fly TWO Rev kites at the same time. We’ll do the math for you here — that’s TWO quad-line kites, FOUR handles and EIGHT lines. Most of us can barely fly ONE quad-line kite, and the prospect of flying two is completely out of the question. Steve does it as if he’s been doing it his whole life. Amazing.