TK Barresi – Portland, OR USA

TK Barresi (photo by Steven Lee Cher)

(photo by Steven Lee Cher)

Originally from Japan, Takako (also known as “TK”) has been a sport kite enthusiast since 2004 in both dual and quad line flying (team and individual), performing and competing in Tokyo, Japan until she moved permanently to the USA in October of 2009… Between events, she is one half of the duo behind Kitelife Magazine along with her husband John Barresi, and regularly trains with him at their home field in Portland.

She also flies as a member of the pairs team “REVOL” with John, and officially joining iQuad in 2010, TK is very much looking forward to performing with the team at events all over the world, continuing to share the passion of kite flying with her teammates and learning about other cultures.

Off the kite field, TK’s background is in marketing and art, which she applied to a ten-plus year career in Tokyo and is now using to great effect as co-owner and assistant editor of Kitelife Magazine.